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Do you feel like you got just married yesterday? Wedding anniversaries are always special and full of the enthusiasm of new love, especially the first one. At the same time, many new things are on the way. Your first anniversary is a day to celebrate and appreciate togetherness. You must ensure that it is well-thought and memorable for both but without taking any stress. 

iWaada’s matchmakers and marriage experts have compiled a list of ideas to help you make your first Anniversary memorable.

Revisit your wedding days.

Take your partner to the location where you exchanged rings. Revisit your euphoric days and hold each other’s hands again, convey your love for each other and rewind the beautiful moments of your life. Nothing is more memorable than reliving memories of one of the most important and romantic days in your relationship. 

Enjoy a mini staycation.

The First Anniversary is unique. So taking a break from routine life is essential, book a hotel or resort nearby (or far away) and celebrate the union of love amidst a pleasant ambiance, relish delicious food, and make the time memorable for each other through a mini staycation.

Take a road trip

Go on your spontaneous road trip somewhere far away. A road trip could bring a lot more delight on your way while discovering each other a little better, maybe while playing road trip games and especially heading towards a pleasant destination. You can spend the night in a nearby resort or return back home with these new beautiful memories.

Go camping

If you and your partner are a wildlife enthusiast or thrill-seeker, your first Anniversary could be a great chance to unleash true love beneath the twilight. Set a camp in the wilderness, arrange a bonfire, get cozy and make your day as well as night special for each other.

Give a thoughtful gift.

Planning surprises and gifting special things can never go out of fashion. Select a gift that directly touches their heart. You can gift a scrapbook of your beautiful moments or create a handmade gift card with your write-up in it.

Plan your second honeymoon

It has been observed that going on vacation, spending quality time strengthens your bond. Therefore, considering a second honeymoon on your first wedding anniversary is a great idea. Go to that hill station or a beach you have always wanted to explore. The first honeymoon can always be a little stressful, but now that you know each other well enough, it’s time to re-energize your relationship.

Throw a private party.

This could be a private party with your close folks who always showed up for you and encouraged you through the journey so far. The party can begin with a cake-cutting followed by a romantic dance performer, a dinner, and a lot of cheerful conversation about life, love, and marriage. Funny and romantic games will always add color to such celebrations.

Go for Cruising.

Unite your love amidst the azure water and pleasant ambiance, book a private cruise and have a romantic evening right beneath the Starry Night. Enjoy a glass of wine, share and admire each other on a cruise.

Hand casting at home

3D hand casting is a new and trendy way to try something memorable and simple. You only need to bring a hand-casting kit at home. The simple act of pouring and immersing your hand in liquid results in a 3D imprint of your entwined hands. Following that, you can keep it as a display piece in your drawing room as a reminder of your first wedding anniversary.

Indulge in an adventurous activity together.

If either of you is a thrill-seeker, then considering adventure sport for your Anniversary would be a memorable thing. It could be skydiving, paragliding, or scuba diving. Let the adrenaline rush conquer your senses and make you go breathless, just like how you felt gazing at each other on your wedding day. 

Have a lazy day.

If you usually hustle in the routine life, take a day off on your first wedding anniversary, if you don’t want the day to be fancy, prepare a bed tea for your spouse, cook or order your favorite food, watch a movie you both have been thinking about watching Netflix and then relax with a dessert or a glass of champagne.

Learn a new activity together.

Learning and growing together as a couple can never go out of fashion. Enroll yourself in courses that you want to pursue. Or pick a craft that you would like to create. It could be as simple as making a card. But start to make you do it together, on this special day.

Have an indoor picnic.

Spread a picnic mat on the floor of your living room, dim all the light and open the bottle of your favorite wine with your favorite food and cheer each other on. Get cozy. Indoor picnics are quiet and intimate options to consider for the First Anniversary.

Plan an intimate dinner date.

The Trend of Having the scented candles lit along with scrumptious food at your favorite restaurant could never fail to amaze. Intimate dinner dates are something everyone still cherishes. So go and surprise your partner with a dinner date on your first Anniversary.

Write your heart out.

Nothing could do more good to a heart than words purely written on paper with love. If you or your partner are an old-school lover, or if they like the idea of love letters, make them feel special by writing your true feelings for him/ her once again on this special day. Make them feel special and celebrated through your words.

Go on a mysterious trip.

Going to mysterious places could add more thrill to your day. You can choose the place of your wish. Make sure the place is a bit offbeat and untrodden for your first Anniversary.

Attend a concert together

Music Speaks the language of love. And a musical date at a concert on your first Anniversary is a heart-touching idea. Buy tickets if there is any concert happening in or near your location city. Or You can also listen to the local band in the park or in a local club.

Visit an Amusement Park

Enjoy adrenaline-inducing rides or experiment with the mind-bending roller coaster ride with your beloved. Make sure you entwine your hands and scream your lungs out while rejoicing.

Have a romantic movie night.

If you and your beloved are a crazy movie buff and have been extremely busy the last few months watching a movie together, what else would be more romantic than curling in each other’s arms, munching snacks, and sipping your favorite wine together. Take time out to plan a movie night on your first Anniversary.

Go on a Spa treatment.

If you both are a working couple, your first Anniversary could be a great chance to spend time rejuvenating together. Therefore you’re recommended to book a spa therapy together followed by a romantic jacuzzi time and a candlelight dinner.

Go to a Comedy Club

This could be a great option to laugh out worries. Take a day off from your busy and stressful schedule and get the tickets for that comedy show you also wanted to visit. It would be fun, relaxing, and memorable altogether. 

Carve a Couple Tattoo

Ever thought of gifting something more lasting than a diamond ring? Your first Anniversary is a perfect chance to get matching ink. Choosing a special tattoo for yourself, unique and close to your heart. It could be a sign, mark, symbol, or slang that reminds you of your love and togetherness forever.

Cook Dinner together

If you are a foodie couple who enjoys eating and cooking, why not prepare a special delicious dinner together? Create a menu and begin preparing it. Cooking your favorite recipes for each other while sipping wine and listening to your favorite music. This could be a simple, intimate yet memorable celebration.


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