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Numerous factors influence your marriage readiness and decide whether or not you will walk down the aisle with the person you’re dating. Those factors include—establishing a career, gaining financial independence, developing emotional strength, or discovering individuality.

After a certain age, your family and relatives may begin deciding who you will spend the other half of your life with. However, the right to make a marriage decision must be primarily yours.

So how do you determine the proper age to get married? When does one feel safe and secure to say yes to a marriage? Throughout this discussion, we will share answers to all such questions to make sure you feel prepared before pursuing a new life with someone.

Does the right age to get married exist?

Unfortunately, there is nothing like the best age to get married, but there is definitely a right time to get married. The right time theory is subjective. An accurate time to get married is pretty difficult to gauge.

You can meet the most amazing person in your 20s, but you could lose them if you are not ready. You may even date someone for 10 years and never feel prepared enough to decide the rest of your life with them. However, sometimes a person you met a few months ago becomes your soulmate.

According to iWaada’s relationship experts, marriage is a union of two souls who share physical, social, spiritual, and legal relationships and resources. So Before considering marriage, you must prepare yourselves with the roles and responsibilities of a partner as a married couple. Seeking proper knowledge will help you manage stress and teach you how to handle unavoidable conflicts in the long run. Most importantly, take time to understand your own expectations from married life. Uncertainty about what you like VS what you wish is one of the keys to an anguished and dissatisfying relationship.

Here is a list of things you must look into before getting married.

  •  Before marrying someone, a person must explore what love, commitment, intimacy, space in a relationship, and spiritual maturity means to them.
  • You must experience the stressors while dating and learn to overcome them. Suppose you are with your high school sweetheart. Learn how to balance long-distance, studying abroad, family getting jobs, and many such life situations.
  • Consider financial freedom, emotional stability, and spiritual alignment before choosing the one.
  • There could be a situation where you feel lost in your career, or maybe your current job isn’t satisfactory. You may think of switching careers or pursuing your dream. However, if you consider marriage in such a situation, chances are that you will find yourself juggling multiple time-consuming and dedication-seeking responsibilities simultaneously. 
  • Above all, you have to ask a lot of questions–to yourselves as well as to your prospect (Here’s the Nth thing to know about your prospect that can help you)

As humans, we constantly search for new things. However, with limited self-awareness, and overwhelming external knowledge, Make may experience challenges to make important life decisions, So consider speaking to an expert or your role model couple (if you have any)

Because marriage isn’t simply about commitment or being together but an agreement with the universe. It is a promise to give and receive the love you deserve. And, to make the most of your remaining life, you must learn endurance and the art of battling gloomy days in life.

We at iWaada aim to make people feel confident and well-versed with their role as a partner/spouse. And we believe that the idea of divorce can remain far removed from their reality if conflicts are handled calmly and from a loving heart.

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A happy and contented life after marriage is possible if you have the right person in your life. Somebody who accepts you with all your imperfections and flaws while bringing out the best in you. Most importantly, consider talking to your idol couples or iWaada marriage experts whenever you feel ready. This will help you gain clarity about family, compatibility, and expectations of your married life. Plan your first meeting with iWaada’s marriage expert today!


Happy Matchmakers Happier Marriages

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